• The professionals at BESCORP cleared the confusion in our pursuit of Lean Manufacturing. Their thorough and down to earth approach was a good match to our people. We would certainly recommend BESCORP to any organization desiring to increase their efficiencies, lower costs, and at the same time increase the morale of their employees.

    - Paxton St. Clair
    Chief Executive Officer
    Cobalt Boats
Are Your Employees Engaged? Measure What Matters - Gallups Q12 Employee Engagement Survey

When it comes to your employees, engagement
is everything.

Measure what matters, with the Gallup Q12 Survey for Employee Engagement.

The BESCORP FastLeanTM Deployment System is proven in contributing to much higher levels of workforce engagement as measured by the Gallup Q12 Survey.
How can Gallup can provide the most accurate results in measuring your employees’ engagement by asking just 12 questions? From decades of writing and testing hundreds of questions, and studying survey results from over 25 million employees around the globe.

Each of Gallup’s question represents a basic need that every employee has in order to perform at a consistently high level. The degree to which these needs are met by the organization is directly correlated to whether the employee is Not Engaged, Engaged, or Actively Engaged.

A higher engaged workforce is directly correlated to high performing organizations, and an actively Engaged employee spends a greater amount of discretionary time helping the organization achieve its goals and objectives. The Gallup Q12 Survey provides actionable insights as to which needs are not being met to begin addressing opportunities. There’s no better indicator of workforce engagement available anywhere.

Three minutes. 12 questions. Endless results.

Gallup’s Q12 Employee Engagement Survey is simple, reliable, and actionable. Learn more about the Survey at Gallup’s website.