• No mere process can turn a poor performer into a star. Rather, you must address the employees' fundamental way of thinking and behaving.

    - Fujio Cho
    Chief Executive Officer
Lean Thinking & Tools Demand a New, Sustained Lean Culture

We Begin With the End in Mind

Developing a Self-Sufficient Continuous Improvement Culture

Most Lean consulting firms can help you do Lean things: teach the basic tools and concepts, facilitate improvement teams, and get some quick wins. Unfortunately, very few Lean consultants truly understand what it takes evolve a self-sufficient culture and become Lean in the process.

That’s our End Game

Embedding the knowledge, skills, systems, and behaviors into the cultural fabric of the organization so that you can tell us "goodbye." You’ll do so with confidence in knowing that workforce engagement, operating performance, customer service and satisfaction will all continue to improve year over year without ever hiring another outside consultant.

We provide the mentoring, methodology, and materials via our FastLean System™ (FLS) to help Top Management, Middle-Management, and Front-Line Supervisors understand their evolving roles and responsibilities in developing an unbreakable chain of support from top to bottom of the organization so a continuous improvement culture can flourish and grow. Moreover, the Maturity Assessment Process (MAP) of FLS will help you understand and prioritize the inevitable cultural and organizational issues that must be addressed to accelerate progress toward becoming a Lean.

Becoming Lean is a never-ending journey. If your organization is ready to move past simply doing Lean things and start becoming Lean, take that next step and contact us today.

Because simply doing Lean things is not enough.